Munakata Shiko Memorial Museum of Art

Munakata Shiko and his homeland, Aomori

Involved places with Munakata

Utoh Shrine

Utoh Shrine is the place where Munakata used to play until dark during his childhood. This is where Munakata held his wedding ceremony and he kept it as a lifetime motif.

Nagashima municipal elementary school

Nagashima municipal elementary school is the only school Munakata graduated from in his whole life.

Gappo park

Gappo park is Munakata’s unforgettable place where he used to commute to sketch when he decided to be a painter like Van Gogh.

Kifune Shrine

This shrine is where Munakata vowed to succeed as a painter together with his close friends before he left Aomori to Tokyo.

Asamushi Hot Springs

Asamushi Hot Springs is the place Munakata used to visit. Yunoshima 600 meters away from Asamushi beach is an islet where Munakata enjoyed sketching “Hadakajima” Rock. The Tsubaki inn where Munakata used to stay long is available to see his works.

Sukayu Hot Springs

Sukayu Hot Springs is the place where Munakata used to stay and enjoy sketching. This is also the place connected with the episode that Munakata had seen the God-messenger hawk in the summer sky. This is also available to see Munakata’s works.


Monument at Jigoku-numa Pond

Shikannai Tatsugoro, a veteran Mt. Hakkoda guide, was one of Munakata’s closest friends. Munakata drew Shikanai’s flute and horn in the monument at Jigoku-numa pond, together with his powerful commemorative script.

Sannai cemetery

Sannai cemetery is the place commanding a good view of Aomori city. Munakata ordered his tomb stones and placed them in the cemetery just a year before his death. He named his gravestone ”seimin-hi ” with relief “Fujin-no-saku” on its back.