Munakata Shiko Memorial Museum of Art

Museum Information

exhibition room
The size of the exhibition room is fairly small due to Munakata’s wish for wanting his audience to look at each work of art very carefully.
Photography is allowed only for the Munakata works. Pictures displayed inside are excluded due to the different owners of copyright. When taking photos, please follow the rules on the plaque at the entrance.

Large exhibition room
Small exhibition room

The documentary footage “Carving: the world of Munakata Shiko” is repeatedly on the screen.
(Each in 38minutes)

museum shop
Variety of goods on sale are introduced in the “page of duplicated goods”.


wheelchair ramp
The ramp is on the left side of the main entrance. If any assistance needed, use the inter-phone at the slope-entrance.


Use the umbrella-stand, please.

coin locker
Small-size lockers are available for 20 visitors. Large luggages are kept at the front.

water server
In the museum, there is no cafe nor food corner. Beverages are prohibited into the Exhibition Rooms.