Munakata Shiko Memorial Museum of Art

Autumn Exhibition

Autumn Exhibition
“The people rearing Munakata
– in their praise and in his response”

October 1(Fri) to December 12(Sun)
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (In November, opening 9:30)
Closed Mondays (Nov. 29 and Dec. 6 to be opened)

 With a great intention to be a painter, Munakata went up to Tokyo and made a strenuous effort in order to be accepted at the Imperial Art Exhibition screening. He finally passed it in the year of Showa 3rd, 1928 and started woodblock printing as well. Shoji Hamada, ceramic artist, was thrown into a consternation at the sight of Munakata’s “Yamato-shi-uruwashi” print, displayed at the Kokugakai Exhibition, so he at once took him to Muneyoshi Yanagi, who decided to purchase Munakata’s printwork for the “Japan Folk Art Museum” under its construction. After this great happening, Munakata was introduced to Kanjiro Kawai, ceramic artist, who later led Munakata’s association with the folk-art leaders. After this, Munakata came to know Soichiro Ohara, who of course played an important role for Munakata to develop himself in his later life. Autumn Exhibition is to introduce the human relations between Munakata and the people who reared and supported him, with the display of the artworks dedicated to them, as well as the other artworks related to Munakata’s homeland, Aomori, and van Gogh.

Displayed Works, in the main.

A Self-Portrait with Joy
Woodblock 1963 (printed in 1974)

Mother Goddess from The Pantheon of the Gandavyuha-sutra
Woodblock 1936

Acala, the Unmoved Raja from The Twelve Gods of Art-Homage to Shoji Hamada, Master Potter
Woodblock 1950

Zen word ‘Fuji-hou-mon’
Calligraphy 1959