Munakata Shiko Memorial Museum of Art

Summer Exhibition

Summer Exhibition
Dot, Line and Aspect

June 15(Tue) to September 20(Mon)
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Closed Mondays (Holidays, June 28, Sept. 13, but July thru. August with no closure)

 According to Munakata, “Woodblock prints are somehow different from ordinary pictures, so I have to create what pictures cannot express.” and “The shortest way is to patternise pictures in woodblock print.” That’s why Munakata invented his unique expression way to patternise and decorative in woodblock. The parts engraved by burin become white dots and lines, and the rest parts of the other in board become black aspects. The absolute ratio of white and black is the very beauty in woodblock, so he has made a thorough investigation of the traditional beauty in line and aspect or decorated expression, making the best use of black and white in printing, drawing, painting and calligraphy. In the summer exhibition, woodblock printings are the main in display, revealing each beauty Munakata intended to pursuit in each segment.

Displayed Works, in the main.

Rapid Stream of Oirase, Towada
Woodblock 1932

I-ro-ha Verse (Partial)
Woodblock 1952

Mt. Fuji
Drawing 1966

Distant View of Yugashima (B)
Oil Painting 1974