Munakata Shiko Memorial Museum of Art

Spring Exhibition

Spring Exhibition
AOMORI NO KO (The Child of Aomori)

March 16(Tue) to June 13(Sun)
9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (In April, opening 9:00)
Closed Mondays (Holidays, Apr. 19, 26)


 Saginawate-no-Saku (Herons flying in Line), produced in 1960, was first displayed in the Governor’s room of Aomori Prefectural Office. The first Director of the Munakata Memorial museum, Mr. Yokoyama reminisces about this print, saying that Shiko and I used to play in our boyhood in the yard of Utoh shrine, where wild irises, water lilies, reeds and arrow heads were seen in the Utoh pond as well as herons flying in line in sky. This work is the condensed world of our wishes for Aomori. Munakata’s home was close to this pond and his father was a skillful blacksmith. His mother, giving birth to 15 children, led tight living by selling hooks of his husband’s making and buying food for the family. Munakata, henchboy following about his grandmother’s waist, began to awaken to faith in Buddhism and to have interests in Nebuta and kite-drawings in the Shrine yard. His younger-days episodes have deep connections with his prints, drawings, paintings and his art-productions. Munakata continued to produce his voluminous artworks deeply related with his experiences in his home-land Aomori. Spring exhibition is to display these works and the works with Munakata’s prayers for the development and cornucopia as well in the Tohoku region.

Displayed Works, in the main.

In Praise of Children in Aomori
Obscure on the year of Chinaware

“Utoh”, Plover from “Utoh Hanga-Kan” (The Story of “Utoh” Plover)
Woodblock 1938

Munakata’s cousin, “Chutaro”’s Neputa-Doll Float
Drawing 1972

Kyo in Yukata and Two Pine Trees of the Asamushi Coast
Oil Painting 1940